Updated to June 24, 2003. Interpretations 1 to 27, and 29 to 33 have been approved by the World
Council. Interpretation 28 was not approved and is not in force.
Interpretation 1. is superseded by F.4.3(c)
2. The use of blocks on the rudder downhaul is not allowed.
3. Washers under the gooseneck are not allowed.
Interpretation 4. is superseded by C.2.4(c).
5. The use of shockcord to pull in the main outhaul is not allowed.
6. The use of shockcord to lift the boom vang clear of the top of the
daggerboard is not allowed.
7. The use of shockcord to hold the rotation lever up against the boom is allowed.
8. The addition of a fairlead integral with the jib cleat is considered an added function and is not
Interpretation 9. is superseded by C.2.3(c).
Interpretation 10. is superseded by C.2.2(n).
Interpretation 11. is superseded by C.2.2(d).
Interpretation 12. is superseded by G.4.1.
13. Alterations to the mounting plates for the jib cleats to permit the sheeting exit angle to be
changed, including the use of larger mounting plates, are allowed providing that the exit angle
cannot be changed while racing.
14. A second pin in a sidestay (shroud) adjuster to allow the sidestays to be slackened while racing
is an added fitting and is not allowed (see C.2.1(d)).
15. Removal of gelcoat or any other change in hull finish that significantly reduces hull weight or
changes the hull form (or is deemed by a Measurer to have been carried out for that purpose)
is contrary to A.1.2 and is not allowed.
16. Using shock cord or line from under the rudder gudgeon to lift the aft hiking straps off the floor
is not allowed.
17. Tying shock cord or line around the bottom of the mast to take up slack in the diamond wires is
not allowed. (A "circlip" (e.g. of plastic tube) or a lock nut on the diamond adjuster screws
above the mast-plug to prevent the screws from falling down is allowed.)
18. Extending the furler line and running it through blocks rigged from the vang cleats is not
Interpretation 19. is superseded by C.2.2(n).
20. "Leech take up" as allowed by G.2.3 means "adjustment".
21. The outhaul may consist of 2 pieces of line of different diameters. Tapered lines are not allowed
(see F.4.1 and F.4.2.).
Interpretation 22. is superseded by C.2.3(g).
Interpretation 23 is superseded by C.6.2.
24. Whisker poles, ie. tubes, manufactured from any carbon fibre material are not permitted.
Interpretation 25 is superseded by C.2.3(d)
26. All additional ballast required to comply with D.3.1 and C.6.2 shall be secured within the
cockpit, either attached to the thwart support post, bolted / screwed to the underside of the
thwart or secured around the daggerboard trunk. Ballast shall not be moved during a race or
Interpretation 27 is superseded by the reformatting of the rules for ISAF recognition.
28. This interpretation was not approved by the World Council, and is not currently in force: "Class
racing" (see C.2.2(h), D.3.1 and D.3.2) means racing in an event in which two or more Tasars
are racing against each other, and are being scored as a Tasar class without the use of any
handicap system. Racing in an event in which one or more Tasars are racing in a mixed fleet,
and are racing against and being scored with other classes, whether or not a handicap is used
in computing the results, is not class racing."
29. "Sanctioned event" (see C.2.1, C.6.1, C.6.3, and C.7) means an event organized or authorized
by the World Tasar Class Association or a Tasar region, district or fleet. Tasar class racing in
these events is governed by the Tasar Class Rules, which may only be changed by waiving a
rule or rules, subject to approval by a resolution of a Tasar region, district or fleet at an annual
or special general meeting. No changes to the class rules may be made for events organized or
authorized by the World Tasar Class Association.
30. "Special event" (see C.6.5) means an event in which Tasar class racing is governed by the
Tasar class rules, with a change to C.6.5 made by the organizing authority which applies to that
event only.
31. Only hulls constructed after January 1, 2002 are required to bear an ISAF class plaque.
32. No electronic device which could be used to increase boat speed or gain a tactical advantage
shall be attached to a boat or carried by a crew member, other than (a) time keeping devices,
and (b) compasses as allowed by rule C.2.2.g, provided these cannot calculate speed or
location information for use while racing.
33. Movable shroud track stops are not required.
34. ClamCleat Keepers may be used. (This replaces an earlier interpretation.)
35. Resewing the leech tape on mylar sails to eliminate leech flutter is considered a repair, and is
allowed. This applies to mainsails and jibs.
36. Jib battens are covered by rule G.5.1, and may be altered or replaced. Restitching must not
exceed 10 cm from the leech along the upper and lower edges of the batten pocket
Retrofitting RCB shroud slides (amended 2008-08-17)
38. Effective immediately, 1/4" or 6mm MTS bolts must be used at the front and rear ends of RCB
tracks. Other, intermediate bolts, of which there may be 1 or 2, may be either 3/16" (5mm) or
1/4" (6mm) MTS. (Posted 2009-08-07, amended 2009-09-14)
Updated to 2009-09-14